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Big Mac Price - How Much Is A Big Mac in 2023 ❤️

Big Mac from Mcdonald's

Present on the fast food chain's menu for over 45 years, the Big Mac from McDonald's remains a favorite among the chain's consumers around the world, being the company's best seller and also one of the most iconic and famous sandwiches of the planet.

Tasty and succulent, the sandwich has an ideal delicious meat and a combination of ingredients that conquers the palate. That's what a good hamburger should be like.

The reason for choosing the snack is simple: it is the best-selling sandwich in the world, with almost identical specifications around the world and, of course, it has the greatest reach among hamburgers.

Check out a complete Big Mac from Mcdonald's guide below including price, versions, calories and flavors and everything you need to know about this delight:

Did you get hungry? There is no way not to resist as delights is not it? Access now the Mcdonalds menu prices and ask for your favorite offer! ❤️

Mcdonalds Big Mac How Much?

Check out below how much the Big Mac, the world's best-selling sandwich in several countries, costs:




United States






















The price of the sandwich varies from country to country. In theory, they should leave for the same amount. The difference, then, indicates whether a currency is undervalued (good for those who export) or overvalued (good for importing and bad for the domestic economy). It is the Big Mac Index (from The Economist magazine), a good thermometer for foreign exchange.

Big mac how many calories?

Big mac how many calories

A Big Mac from Mcdonald's has about 500 calories.

It is worth remembering that, contrary to what many people think, the sandwich is not a caloric bomb, 500 kcal, out of the 2,000 recommended, on average, for one day. It's just that almost no one just asks for a snack… Then it gets complicated.

Therefore, The hamburger is released in the diet. After all, a very restricted menu is already more than proven that it doesn't work. Just watch out often and make smart bets.

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Are calories accurate?

Ultimately, it's reasonable to want an idea of how many sandwiches you can eat, right?

Fortunately, fast food restaurants these days are required to list nutritional information on their official website, menus, and sometimes packaging to make it easier to keep an eye on those calories.

How many minutes do we have to run to burn the sandwich?

According to the official MET table of the various tasks, the race can spend eight MET (eight kilometers per hour), ten MET (ten kilometers per hour) or 16 MET (16 kilometers per hour).

Big Mac from Mcdonald's Versions

Big Mac from Mcdonald's Versions

The fast food chain created a promotion that increases the size of Big Mac from McDonald's. The product, which originally comes with two hamburgers, gained versions with three and four meats, which were named Super Mac and Mega Mac.

Those who buy a snack during the day have the option of paying more and adding meat. For the same amount, consumers who order at night can double the size of the original sandwich, earning two extra meats.

Big Mac Meal Mcdonald's

Two hamburgers, lettuce, cheese, special sauce, onion, pickles on a sesame bun + Medium McFries and 1 500ml soft drink of your choice or 500ml Juice of your choice. See how the restaurant describes this true delight:

"Ingredients include a classic sesame hamburger bun, Big Mac Sauce, American cheese and sliced pickles. McDonald's Big Mac meal is served with our World Famous Fries® and your choice of an icy Coca-Cola® or other fountain drink. in a Big Mac® Combo Meal with a medium Coca-Cola® and medium fries."

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Big Mac Meal Mcdonald's Price

The average McDonald's Big Mac meal price is $5.99.

The Delicious Vegan Option:

The trend to reduce animal derivatives and the search for healthier foods has even reached one of the greatest symbols of contemporary cuisine, the Big Mac from McDonald's. Since the beginning of this month, restaurants in Germany - McDonald's 5th largest market - have been offering the new Big Vegan TS, the brand's first sandwich with a vegetable hamburger that simulates the taste and aroma of beef.

Big Vegan TS hamburgers differ from vegetable-based models, which for years have been stigmatized for not having a pleasant taste. In addition, The Big Vegan can already be found in some stores in Tel Aviv, Israel, as a version of the sandwich without any animal ingredients.

The vegan sandwich from Israel is not the first that McDonald's has included on its menu: you can also find Big Vegan in Germany, and with the special attraction of costing less than the original sandwich.


The vegan version of the world's most famous hamburger is made with soy, wheat, peppers, beets, garlic and vegetable flavorings. Big Vegan also has sesame bread, salad, tomato, cucumber, ketchup, mustard and red onion.

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Solidarity Campaign:

Every year, on the last Saturday of August, Mc Donald's carries out the Mc Happy Day Campaign, in which all sandwich sales are donated to institutions that treat children with cancer.

Big Mac bundle: Unraveling the mystery.

Big Mac bundle

The Big Mac bundle is made on a real production line. There are electric grills that prepare a hamburger in seconds, fryers that let you know when the potato is ready and a "super-freezer" where the products are stored at -23ºC. And that consumes a lot of energy.


Most of the ingredients used in Big Mac from Mcdonald's come ready-made or frozen, just prepare. They are stored in restaurant stocks.


In dry stock, fresh breads, ice cream cones, packaging, sauces and cups are stored. It is also where the unit manager is.

There is also a stock of chilled and frozen products. It's like a huge refrigerator, inside which is a huge freezer.

In the cold chamber are the frozen hamburgers and buns. The chain works with two bread suppliers and two hamburgers.

Big Mac table bundle:

On the assembly table, there are sliced lettuce, onion already chopped, pickles, cheese already sliced and the sauce. Products are replenished every 2 hours.

The lettuce comes from the supplier sanitized and chopped. The pickles too. Tomatoes need to be washed and cut in an automatic slicer at the restaurant. The network works with 8 types of sauce.

Step 1:

With the meat ready and the other ingredients at hand, the first step in assembling the sandwich is to toast the bread for 17 seconds. This is so that the sauce does not penetrate the bread.

The box comes already assembled from the supplier. The sandwich Takes three slices of bread. To facilitate assembly, the employee places one of them on one side of the box and, on the other, two stacked: the one on top of the sandwich and the one in the middle.

step 2:

He deposits the sauce on the buns on both sides of the box. Next, he places the chopped onion and lettuce, also on both sides. Then one side gets the pickle while the other gets the cheese.

Step 3:

Now it's time for the hamburger, which also goes both ways. And the secret: that middle loaf, which was on the top slice, is transferred with everything on top to the other side of the box. So, when you close it, the sandwich is ready to go.

Step 5:

The next step is to place the sandwich on a conveyor belt, where it goes into the hands of whoever is responsible for placing the order on the tray. This entire assembly step, after the meat is ready, takes 35 to 50 seconds for all sandwiches.

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