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Jojo Recipes is an amazing online resource for anyone looking to find delicious recipes and best menus from some of the best restaurants around.

The website was born out of a passion for creating the most delicious and unique recipes in the world. We strive to provide only the best culinary experiences that will satisfy even the pickiest of palates.

At Jojo Recipes, we also honor our founder's mother who has been an inspiration in her cooking and always provides food full of love. We hope you enjoy all our recipes as much as we have enjoyed making them!

About Us
About Jojo Recipes


Excellence in the quality of the content, with the aim of providing the best experience to the website visitor.


To be the best restaurant menu search site and renowned recipes on the internet.


Focus on target audience, good relationship, attention to the details, content quality and ethics and respect for others.

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It's amazing to think that thousands of recipes from around the world have been tested and selected for you and your family to enjoy. We are so excited to be able to provide these delicious, free recipes for everyone. From restaurant menus, traditional dishes, desserts, drinks - we've got something special for every taste bud! So let's get cooking!

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Lynda M. Wells

Lynda M. Wells

Annie K. Lawson

Annie K. Lawson

Senior Culinary Editor
Stacey C. Reid

Stacey C. Reid

Associate Design Director
Lewis V. Peterson

Lewis V. Peterson

Culinary Consultant
We are proud to present our team of talented individuals who have come together to collaborate on this wonderful dream. Each person brings a unique set of skills and enthusiasm that has been instrumental in helping us achieve success. We could not be more grateful for their hard work and dedication, which has allowed us to reach new heights. With great affection, we thank each member for their invaluable contributions!.