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Sonic Menu Ice Cream

If there's one thing that appeals to a lot of people, it's the Sonic menu ice cream. This invention created to refresh and sweeten life is able to make the day more pleasant and pleasant. But there are so many options these days, it's hard to choose! It's a delicious universe full of possibilities to please different palates, capable of changing the mood of a person whatever their age.

In addition, it can be an option for dessert, for a special afternoon snack, for a home cinema with milkshake, for an irresistible petit gateau or for a delicious afternoon washed down with a lot of ice cream.

And since we are talking about something so delicious, how about scheduling a very delicious afternoon to enjoy the delicious desserts? The proposal is tempting, right? Despite the variety, some types of this desserts are standing out in recent times and are guaranteed success in the fast food chain!

Let's name some of them and talk about prices and their differences and why they are so delicious! Check out!

Sonic menu ice cream Prices:

Life is like ice cream, enjoy it before it melts. Sonic menu ice cream prices are slightly higher than most competitors. However, the fast food chain guarantees that ice cream is made with 100% Real milk and cream. Because the nutritional value is the main benefit of ice cream. When compared to other competitors, the dessert is a source of the main nutrients we need in our body, so it is an ideal food to be consumed not only in the summer but also in the seasons. Check out the Sonic Ice Cream Prices menu below:

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Hot Fudge Sundae


Add Vanilla Waffle Cone


Real ice cream Sundaes


Molten Cake Sundaes


Strawberry Classic Shake


Chocolate Classic Shake


Vanilla Classic Shake


Peanut Butter Classic Shake


Hot Fudge Classic Shake



A Masterful Blend of Real Premium Ingredients



Cookie Dough Blast Master:

Caramel Brownie Blast:

Triple Chocolate Master Blast

Turtle Pecan Master Blast

Banana Split Master Blast

Pineapple Upside Down Master Blast


Mini Blast


Small Blast


Medium Blast


Large Blast


As we already know, the presence of the desserts can be found in the most varied desserts. Whether it's Milkshake or melted cake sundaes and the aforementioned Sonic Blasts, the flavors appeal to every palate.


Sonic's Top Favorites menu ice cream items are buzzing!

  Sonic Menu Ice Cream Favorites

No matter what you select from Sonic menu ice cream, there are plenty of flavors to choose from, so you can be sure you're enjoying your ideal ice cream. But before that, we separated a list of the most requested flavors from the fast food chain. 


Triple Chocolate Blast:


What can be extraordinary about a triple chocolate blast? Smoothest, most predictable flavor there is, isn't it? There is no pain that chocolate dessert doesn't cure. The taste of chocolate stimulates sensors from the taste buds of the tongue to our brain, giving great pleasure. It features the same brownie pieces, plus chocolate syrup and mini chocolate pots swimming in the flavor of vanilla.


Triple Chocolate Blast is nutritious and can be considered a quality food. In addition, it stands out for transmitting a pleasurable sensation to anyone who experiences it. 


Oreo Blast:


It sounds like a dream, but it isn't. By the way, the big thing here is to give a name to this gastronomic revolution. This is because we are facing the union of wonderful sweets. Sonic managed to combine the cookie, chocolate, vanilla ice dessert and cake in a single dish. 

Adding cookies to ice cream to spice up the dessert has become such a common habit that this topic is only discussed on social networks. 


SONIC Blast made with Mini M&M'S Chocolate Candies


Sonic's M&M's Milk-Shake takes the traditional Milk-Shake recipe: chocolate icing, milk and mix vanilla icing creamy; with the difference that it takes 2 ladles of crushed M&M's in the composition. How will it look? Just experimenting to find out!


Banana Split Master Blast


And it's impossible to talk about these frozen delights, without thinking about the most classic recipe ever invented using the ice dessert, the famous Banana Split. A unique combination made with the fruit, which is a kind of sundae created in Pennsylvania, United States. 

Over the dessert, a chocolate, pineapple or strawberry syrup is placed. In addition, a farofa made from walnuts or peanuts, whipped cream and a cherry is added. But, of course, this complete version of Banana Split was enhanced with the good taste of fast food, making the dish even more delicious. 


7 Reasons For You To Eat More Sonic Menu ice cream:

  Sonic Menu Ice Cream reasons

1. Delight brings you good friends:

You can start talking and make friends in line at the Sonic menu ice cream parlor, on the shopping stool… After all, trust those who eat the dessert. They are definitely good people!


2. It fits in all pockets:

You can be daring and want a ice dessert with extra coverage, paying a little more, but there's also the good old option, that cheap and refreshing Popsicle... 


3. The dessert kills anyone's bad mood:

Thank him for that! It's good for you, it's good for your little friend, it's good for humanity! People who eat ice cream are happy people. And happy people bring happiness.


4. The dessert is a very effective remedy:

Did you remove the wisdom? Have ice cream! Did you operate on your tonsils? Have ice cream! Do you have a stomachache? Stuffy nose? Sore throat? No problem! Take the ice dessert that passes...

  5. You can take out your hurts in a small pot:

And he won't complain about it, or get upset, or say “I told you so” or “It's over”. The ice cream will be quietly playing its role...


6. One is little, two is good, three is even better!

You know that story that everything that's too much makes you sick? So, there is an exception for ice cream. The more the better! “Wow! Sonic EN menu ice cream!”.


7. It's the ideal complement to any meal:

Your lunch may not have been all that, but if you have a dessert, everything is safe! Are you on a diet? No problem. Have a popsicle of.