Mcdonalds ice cream : Best Guide with Special Prices and Flavors ❤️

Mcdonalds ice cream

Who doesn't like ice cream? Mcdonalds ice cream is delicious and no one can resist a good cone! Chocolate ice cream, vanilla, strawberry, pistachio, flakes… each person has their favorite! The fast food chain offers desserts and shakes that include all the famous McFlurry® flavors, shakes and a variety of soft treats like vanilla cones and hot caramel sundae among many other delights.

But why is McDonalds the dessert so good?

Ice cream is soft because of a special combination of ingredients made for McDonald's. These include: Powdered milk, sugar, cream, glucose and emulsifiers. So You may have also noticed that soft ice cream serves less sweet than regular ice cream because they replaced some of the sugar with glucose.

Additionally, the restaurant has gotten rid of artificial ingredients from some of its menu items. This means that your ice cream, which is used in over 60% of your desserts, is already free of artificial colors and preservatives before you make any changes.

Check out everything you need to know below before choosing your favorite flavor!

Remember that food is not just eating energy. It’s an experience. Also check out the complete Mcdonald's menu prices ❤️

Mcdonalds ice cream cone is the best seller of the entire chain

Mcdonalds ice cream cone

Ice cream cones are a very common request for those who are having lunch outside, especially if it is at a fast food chain. After all, the mass of this type of frozen dessert is very tasty, it is not so cold and there are many types of confections that can be added. Many people even dismiss the snack and go to the restaurant just to enjoy an ice cream.

In addition, the Mcdonalds ice cream cone is also in first place when it comes to the easiness to buy them: there are several dessert counters in the malls. Its units, whether in food courts or elsewhere, always have a line at their counters serving cones, and the flavors offered are:

  • Vanilla;
  • Chocolate;
  • Mixed.

Mcdonalds ice cream cone, however, are not usually filled and they always contain 4 grams of protein. In addition, the calories of ice cream cones from this network are much lower: always 182 in each unit.

Customize your own McDonalds ice cream cone:

McDonald's fast food chain added one of its dishes to its delivery service. Now, customers will be able to receive the brand's ice cream cones at home. At Casquinha em Casa, it will also be possible to assemble and customize the dessert and receive it at the residence.

The novelty, launched for orders in Drive-Thru and Delivery, has the traditional McDonald's vanilla mix and five units of the original cone, in addition to complements such as syrup, biju and Ovaltine.

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How much are mcdonalds ice cream cone?

Check out how much are Mcdonalds Ice Cream Cone:

Mcdonalds Ice Cream Cone Prices








To win a free cone, the fast food chain created a campaign, just download the McDonald's app and redeem the Free Cone offer in the app. So head to your participating restaurant today for your complimentary cone.

Mcdonalds Ice Cream Menu

Mcdonalds Ice Cream Menu

Perfect for hot days, the Mcdonalds ice cream menu is full of flavor and yet capable of impressing anyone. McDonald's is known worldwide for the standard and quality of its ingredients in the preparation of its ice cream.

So if you are passionate about frozen sweets, you cannot miss this amazing menu. Reserve a special space on your dessert menu for these options!

Mcdonalds Ice Cream Menu Prices


Regular Chips Ahoy! McFlurry


Regular M&M McFlurry


Regular Oreo McFlurry


Caramel Sundae


Hot Fudge Sundae


Plain Sundae


If a simple ice cream is already a delicious dessert, imagine being able to increase it in different ways that are simply irresistible! And if one of the most appreciated qualities in a good gelato is its creamy texture, creaminess for creaminess, McDonald's ice cream is creamy. So, whether hot or cold, no matter the time of year, this icy treat is always welcome.

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Ingredients for Mcdonald's ice cream:

Ingredients for McDonald's ice cream are:

  • Milk,
  • Sugar,
  • Corn syrup,
  • Natural flavor,
  • Mono and Diglycerides,
  • Cellulose Gum,
  • Guar Gum,
  • Carrageenan,
  • Vitamin A Palmitate,
  • Contains: Milk.

Ingreditents for Mcdonald's ice cream for vanilla flavor:

Vanilla ice cream is traditionally made from fresh milk, cream, egg yolks, sugar and vanilla, which are frozen and aerated.

Where do McDonalds get their ice cream?

Today, Dairy-Mix still supplies an ice cream mix to the local McDonald's and is also a supplier to the areas of Dairy Queens, Wendy's, wholesale distributors and ice cream parlors.

Delicious Mcdonalds ice cream chocolate:

Mcdonalds Ice Cream Chocolate

And since chocolate is so successful, the restaurant chain has prepared a list with tips for those who want to celebrate the day with delicious options of Mcdonalds ice cream chocolate. Discover the most desired desserts in the world:

Chocolate Sundae:

The classic of classics, this darling is the perfect combination of Méqui's vanilla mix with the brand's divine chocolate syrup and cashew nuts.

Home cone:

Perfect for exercising your creativity at home, this kit allows you to make your filled Méqui cone at home! There are five cones, vanilla dough, chocolate icing and 5 bijus to finish off. Available on Delivery only.

McFlurry Oreo with Chocolate Sauce:

A delicious combination of flavors, this dessert includes a delicious mix of Méqui vanilla, chocolate syrup, and super crispy chocolate biscuits with a special vanilla filling.

McFlurry Ovaltine Rocks:

The best seller in the country is crunchy in the right measure and mixes Méqui's vanilla mix, chocolate syrup, powdered Ovaltine and crunchy pieces of Ovaltine rocks.

With a mass in creating surprising flavors, Mcdonald's continues to win the hearts of the brand's fans. Partnerships to create flavors have yielded great successes for the chain, such as McFlurry Ovaltine Rocks, which is currently the best-selling option for Mcdonalds ice cream chocolate across the country.

For these weighty creations, partners that are a reference in their segment are always considered, as well as affinity with the McDonald's brand and customer reviews. All desserts launched on the fast food chain are evaluated by customers and only the favorites are released.

Just remember that you don't buy happiness, you buy ice cream, and that's pretty much the same thing! So be sure to check out the delights of the Chick Fil a menu ❤️

Nutritional information:

The company already provides nutritional information about its products on the internet, on tray slides and in guides and leaflets distributed to consumers. In an official statement, the brand explains that the decision to print the total calories of snacks at the time of purchase is in line with the brand's international transparency parameters and aims to support a consumer's choice.

“Increasingly attentive to the quality and balance of the nutrients it consumes. We want to be in tune with these needs. Exactly a year ago we made an improvement in our menu, with the reduction of sodium, sugar and fats", said in the statement Woods Staton, President and CEO of Arcos Dorados, which operates the McDonald's brand in Latin America.

See the total calories, fat, sodium and cholesterol of the main products sold in McDonald's cafeterias on the official website in the gallery.

How to make chocolate syrup from Mc Donalds ice cream

chocolate syrup from Mc Donalds

The chocolate syrups in MC Donalds ice cream are those gastronomic delights that make the ice cream even more delicious. It's hard to choose which is the best, the MC Flurry, the MC cone, the MC Sundae, the Ice Cream Bucket Oreo, but what we know is that all versions with chocolate are even more delicious.

In fact, the "grape" is a little thicker than the ones that are spread over the top. It resembles a lot of Nutella cream, including the tip for your next vanilla ice cream too, melt some Nutella in the microwave and apply it to dessert.

Ice cream is a favorite dessert for many and talking about cold ice cream makes you happy too. Here's another suggestion from Wendy's menu prices ❤️ that might melt your heart and take you back to summer and buy you happiness, because after all where would we be without ice cream?


  • ❤️ A box of condensed milk (choose a good brand),

  • ❤️ A box of fresh cream,

  • ❤️ One tablespoon of margarine or butter,

  • ❤️ Two tablespoons of whole liquid milk,

  • ❤️ Three tablespoons of powdered chocolate milk.

How to make?

  1. In a non-stick pan, place the margarine or butter to melt over medium heat.

    Add the condensed milk, then the cream and finally the whole milk, mix well until everything is smooth.

  2. Lower the heat and then add the three tablespoons of powdered chocolate.

  3. Mix well so that they don't form balls. Dissolve the chocolate milk well.

  4. Then refine the mixture for about 10 minutes, always stirring so as not to burn and leave a strong taste in the chocolate cream.

  5. Purify until it has a creamier consistency, similar to that used in sundaes, cones, buckets and other ice creams from MC Donalds and Burger King.

  6. As soon as it thickens, turn off the heat and let it cool.

You can then put the syrup in a package with a icing nozzle and then use it in your ice cream. We recommend that you use this chocolate syrup within three days, as it only has the ingredients' preservatives, it may expire if it takes longer to use it.